The Animal Bioacoustics Technical Committee

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) was founded in 1929 to increase and diffuse the knowledge of acoustics and promote its practical applications. Any person or corporation interested in acoustics is eligible for membership in the Society. It has many thousand members representing all fields of acoustics. The Animal Bioacoustics Technical Committee is a group within the ASA dedicated to representing and fostering the understanding of animal bioacoustics. Membership is open to any interested member of the ASA.

We meet twice a year at ASA conferences. We usually make an award for the best student paper, and we also sponsor two or more sessions where papers on animal bioacoustics are presented. For at least one of these sessions, a general session, papers about any subject in the field can be presented. Usually we also have special sessions that someone has decided to organize around particular topic(s). Some recent special sessions have been on:

  • Animal communication
  • Bioacoustic sensing of the environment
  • Avian acoustics
  • Automatic animal call recognition
  • Temporal patterns and rhythm in bioacoustics
  • Acoustics of fish, fisheries, and plankton
  • Whale and dolphin acoustics
  • Biologically inspired acoustics models and systems
  • Effects of noise on animals
  • Insect acoustics

If you would like to sponsor a special session, please contact the chair of the technical committee.